Exclusive interview with Sebastian Vettel : Thwarting the British

It's already being said that Sebastian Vettel's qualifying lap in Abu Dhabi was his best yet. What does he have to say about that himself? Autoblog UK put the question to him.

Helmut Marko and Niki Lauda both agree that you drove your best qualifying lap ever today. Do you see it the same way?Sebastian Vettel: I hope I do an even better one in Brazil. It was definitely a good qualifying session for us. In the end, we were pleasantly surprised, because McLaren have been making a strong impression all weekend long. We were in a position where we managed to pack everything into the last qualifying lap – and in the end, that proved to be good enough. We're very pleased about that, of course, but what matters more is that the car felt good. This should help us in the race.

Paul McCartney says that, although he likes you a lot, you should kindly move over and allow his compatriots Button and Hamilton to pass. What's your answer to that?
Sebastian Vettel: Obviously, fans will always support their fellow countrymen. But we hope that we can thwart their plans.
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