Wife fits GPS tracker to hubby's car. Causes bomb scare.

Diletta Bianchini was becoming wary of her husband, William Sachiti. He was working long hours and behaving out of character. So, like any loving partner, she hired a private eye to place a GPS tracker on William's Lexus SC430.

Mr Sachiti spotted the tracking device fitted to the fuel tank of his car and phoned a friend, who convinced him to call the police. It seems that unknown devices with flashing lights fitted to them aren't as subtle as Mrs Bianchini's PI first thought...
At first, Mr Sachiti, a businessman specialising in anti-fraud work for banks, thought the device was fitted by hackers trying to trace him. His friend convinced him to call the cops, who thought it was something altogether different.

Upon discovering the bug police closed and evacuated Sutton High Street and scrambled the bomb squad.

Later, the police discovered it wasn't going to blow a hole in Sutton but it was actually a GPS tracker.

It wasn't until later that Mr Sachiti discovered his wife was behind the device. He commented: "She may well have thought I'm having an affair but I'm not. My wife has always been the sort of person who wants to know where I am."

Mrs Bianchini, a specialist oncologist at the Royal Marsden (so she should be a tad cleverer than she appears, really) said that the incident was "a huge mistake and I was out of my mind."

Next time, rather than plant suspicious devices on your partner's car, try asking him why he's late in from work and grumpy. It's much less of a pain than getting the bomb squad out.
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