Video: Nissan Juke-R interior installation is cooler than you think

Nissan has released another video about the build of its fearsome looking Juke-R supermegahyper crossover. This time the team is looking at building the interior and the seating.

You see, merging a small crossover and a supercar is fraught with difficulties. The various components needed to keep the Juke-R on the road tend to come from the GT-R, so some creative thinking on how you can fit big, supercar-y components in to a tiny space is needed.

Creative thinking, by the by, roughly translates as 'pushing everything forward'.

There's one question none of the videos have answered yet – why has Jerry Hardcastle (Vice President, Vehicle Design & Development NTC-E) been playing Gran Turismo in each film? Does he know something we don't? Is the Juke-R going in game? Or does he simply not care about the vids?

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