Ryanair offers Berlusconi a one-way ticket out of Italy

Always happy to seek the limelight, Ryanair is offering embattled Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi an escape route: a one-way ticket out of Italy.

Troubled Berlusconi, who is at the centre of a series of corruption and sex scandals, has announced his resignation amid the collapse of the Italian bond market.

Turning an abysmal situation to its own advantage, the Italian website of the airline runs a jokey advert saying:

"Dear Berlusconi, another opportunity to escape with Ryanair. One way flights from 9.99 Euros".

The ad features a cartoon-like figure of the Berlusconi holding the latest Girls of Ryanair calendar, depicting scantily clad Ryanair staff.

Berlusconi has said he will stand down from his office once reforms aimed at calming the market turmoil have been adopted.

Meanwhile, Ryanair has just announced a 23 per cent rise in second-quarter profits, with a pre-tax profit of £389 million in the three months to September 30 2011.

image: PA

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