New Canary Island emerging as underwater volcano reaches surface

New Canary Island emerging as underwater volcano reaches surfaceEPA

A potential new holiday hotspot is emerging in the Canary Islands as the underwater volcano off El Hierro grows ever closer to the surface.

The volcano is now just 70 metres from the surface, and is spewing magma 20 metres into the sky.

The volcano is situated off the coast of El Hierro, the most southern Canary Island, and is causing the ground to shake several times a day.

The Canary Island's local residents are already mulling over names for the potential new island, with some including The Discovery, Atlantis and The Best.

Shipping has been banned in the area, homes evacuated and roads closed in anticipation of an eruption.

El Hierro was this weekend shaken by a 4.3 magnitude quake as the volcano started belching magma, and the island has already experienced more than 10,000 tremors in the last four months.

The latest fears of an eruption came about as huge quantities of magma began bubbling into the sea near the port of La Restinga.

According to the Daily Mail, Evacuations were put in place in the area around the port at the end of September, and now new evacuations have been called for the harbour, as well as authorities shutting down access to La Restinga.

The last eruption on El Hierro was way back in 1793, and lasted for a month.

The Canary Islands are all volcanic in origin, along with the Hawaiian islands, created by volcanoes that built up over time and eventually came through the ocean's surface.

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