World record price for classic '60s police chase Daimler

A 1962 Daimler Dart, bought by London police to chase flower power era reprobates, has sold for a whopping...ahem, £43,000.

Pocket change to auction connosieur Chris Evans, yes, but it's still a world record for a Daimler of its type, plus it's gone to legendary '80s BTCC and Le Mans racer Win Percy.
Winston 'Win' Percy won three BTCC titles in a row, in 1980, '81 and '82. He was sadly left partially disabled after an accident in 2003, but his garage will remain bereft because he plans to have the car adapted so he can drive it.

In fact, he'll be driving the car at Goodwood in 2012, to celebrate its 50th year; the Daimler was used as a course car at the Goodwood revival after it had been retired from the force.

The Daimler is officially called the SP250 B Spec. It was originally named 'Dart', but Daimler was forced to drop it on copyright grounds, as Chrysler had already snaffled the projectile evoking moniker.

Gushing new owner Percy said: "Although my role at Goodwood is a labour of love, I am effectively there to police driving standards, so what better way to keep an eye on proceedings than from behind the dash of an ex-constabulary car?"

The Daimler might not be in the price pantheon of most newsworthy classic car purchases – or even number plate ones – but its history and condition make it important. And it is, again, a world record holder.

Less than 1,500 SP250s were made, 26 of them going to the police. This particular one chased bad guys in the hippie era for five years, having been adapted with a Winkworth bell and a radio interference suppression kit. That was probably a large umbrella, but it sounds cool, right.
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