We're sick of Britain: we're leaving


Being British isn't what it used to be. Nowadays life seems to be an endless struggle through rising prices, miserable job prospects, and ruinous property prices... not to mention the drizzle. So it's hardly surprising that the vast majority of us are sick of it all and want out.

So just how dramatic is this exodus going to be, and where are we heading?

88% want to leave

A survey by flights website Skyscanner has revealed that an astonishing 88% of us are sick of life in the UK, and would seriously consider moving overseas within the next five years.

Incredibly 39% of all those considering the move were between the ages of 18 and 45, which would leave even fewer economically active people in the UK, coping with the massive pressures of an aging population.

Why we're going

When asked for the biggest things pushing them out of the UK, the most popular answers were the fact that life was too expensive to be affordable, that there were no decent job opportunities, and people would never be able to afford their own house. Around one in three people gave one or more of these answers.

However, there were other attractions drawing us away too. Around one in five said they wanted some decent weather for a change, and another one in five said they felt they could have a better lifestyle elsewhere.

Where we're going

The most popular destinations for our emigration ambitions are:

1. Australia (15%)
2. Spain (14%)
3. USA (13%)
4. Canada (8%)
5. New Zealand (7%)
6. France (6%)
7. Italy (5.5%)
8. Cyprus (3%)
9. Portugal (2.5%)
10. Thailand (2%)

Are we going anywhere?

So is this it? Is Britain about to lose all it's young, dynamic, creative, entrepreneurial and ambitious people for more attractive places around the world?

There are two things which may well hold people back. The first is that our positive notions about a country may not make it through the process of moving, finding a job and settling in - so we may be back.

Sam Baldwin, Skyscanner Travel Editor says: "The Skyscanner survey revealed that our perception of life abroad is very positive – perhaps overly so – and many people come back from a holiday enamoured with their destination. Interestingly, Spain and USA were two of the most popular places even though both countries are currently suffering from their own economic problems. The reality of uprooting yourself and moving to a different country comes with its own frustrations and difficulties."

The second, and the most vital one, is there are a huge number of countries that simply will not take you on. There are endless hoops to jump through, and in many cases unless you have an ancestral link to the country, you already have a job there, your current employer is persuaded to transfer you overseas, or you have a serious wedge of cash to invest, then you stand little or no chance of being let in.

The fact is that Brits are ready to dessert the country in droves - it's just that no-one else will have us.

So what do you think? Are you sick of the UK? Where would you rather live? Let us know in the comments.

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