Revealed: the (possibly) shocking number of illegal drivers

A survey commissioned by has revealed that a scarily high number of people know someone that drives without a licence.

Apparently one in eight people know of someone who is hitting the highways without valid (or even any) papers or qualifications. This, of course, means there is a worrying high number of people out there who may not know what they're doing.

The survey also reveals that there has been a five percent drop in people taking driving tests since last year. Between April and August this year less than 640,000 tests were taken - quite a few less than the 750,000 taken over the same period in 2010. surmises this is because of the now huge cost of getting a newly qualified driver into a car.

The cost of comprehensive car insurance is pretty massive already, but the cost has risen year on year, pricing many people out of cars, or encouraging them to drive without insurance.

However, there are some honest souls out there – 20 percent of respondents claimed they simply can't afford to take their test or hit the roads. A little over a fifth of that group fell into the 18-24 years old category.

It won't be a surprise to hear that people can't afford it, especially young men, as the average cost of car insurance rose over £4,000 a year for males under 20 this year. That's 25 percent higher than this time last year (which was still a fair chunk of money).

Head of car insurance at, Gareth Kloet, commented: "A new shocking trend is emerging where people no longer bother taking their driving test. As the price of car insurance increases, we are seeing that the rate of people taking driving tests is falling.

"This is worrying as its suggests not only that drivers are going to be tempted to drive uninsured but now they might be tempted to not even take their driving test in the first place."
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