Prince William and Kate to tour post-revolution Tunisia?

The Tunisian minister of commerce and tourism, Mehni Houas, has told a press conference he will invite the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to visit the country - in a bid to prove boost tourism and prove it is safe.

Prince William and Kate to tour post-revolution Tunisia?Prince William and Kate visited Copenhagen earlier this month. Photo: PA

During the World Travel Market, Houas said he hoped visitor numbers would return to pre-revolution levels of seven million tourists with a revenue of £1.5 billion (2009).

According to Travel Weekly, Houas said: 'We strongly believe that Tunisia is already a country where tourism could be restarted quickly.

'The message that Tunisia is now a free and democratic country that respects international law and human rights is now everywhere, especially in Europe, which is our strongest market.'

He also took the time to point out that, before the revolution, the last war in the country was 2,000 years ago when Hannibal was fighting the Romans.

Monthly figures for British visitors show that they are still about 30% down on pre-revolution numbers.

But perhaps a visit from our most famous couple could help tempt us back there?

Meanwhile, Kate and William recently took a trip to Copenhagen to visit Unicef's emergency supply centre (pictured).

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