Jail for man that dumped 1,000,000 tyres

Most of us would feel some level of guilt for fly-tipping a couple of tyres, and justifiably too – so how profoundly diabolical would you have to be to feel ok about systematically dumping one million of them?

Carl Steele has plenty of time to ponder on that question, because he's just been jailed for 15 months for illegally depositing 1,000,000 tyres at five sites covering the length of the UK.
Carl, 33, from Deeping St Nicholas in Lincolnshire, was jailed after setting up sites in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Worcestershire, Essex and Norfolk. He'd faced five years in prison before sentencing was passed.

The details of his felonious stockpiling unravelled after the Environment Agency found 3,000 tyres at his Lincolnshire site.

The agency investigated him, eventually finding 1,000,000 tyres across the five dumping sites. His environmental permit only allowed him to store 6,000.

The rubber ring crim admitted at Lincoln Crown Court to breaking the terms of his environmental permit, his actions posing a significant danger to both humans and the landscape.

Uncontrolled stockpiles of old tyres are a fire risk, and can "burn for several years," according to an Environmental Agency spokesperson. The flames release toxins including hydrogen cyanide and sulphur dioxide into the air.
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