A third of Britons cancel family holidays

A third of Britons cancel family holidays to tighten belts for 2012PA

More than a third of Britons have ditched their annual family holiday this year - to tighten their belts for 2012.

Cautious families are now seeing a yearly getaway as an unnecessary expense, especially with the increase in air passenger duty (APD). In fact, a quarter (26%) said the increase in costs of travelling had put them off.

Of those that did take a break this year, 59% only took one, while for 5% of people this year was the first time they hadn't been on holiday.

According to the World Travel Market 2011 Industry Report, researchers had to question 1,611 people before they found 1,000 who had taken an overseas holiday this year.

World Travel Market chairman Fiona Jeffery told the Metro: 'For the first time people are beginning to cut back on having a holiday and that is a concerning sign.'

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