Video: Fake flight attendant flashmob shocks passengers at Dubai Airport

Video: Fake flight attendant flashmob shocks passengers at Dubai AirportYouTube

Passengers in the Duty Free section of Dubai International Airport were left scratching their heads when a group of women dressed as cabin crew descended an escalator and burst into dance.

Over 50 people joined in the flashmob, which caused a flashbulb frenzy amongst surprised travellers.

Music came out over the loudspeakers before the dance got under way.

Victoria Shirran, one of the fake flight attendants, told The National: 'The faces on everyone when we came out, it was absolutely priceless.

'Obviously a lot of them didn't know what was happening.'

But rather than being a simultaneous dance extrvaganza, the performance, as with most flash mobs, had actually taken months of preparation and logistical planning, including getting 50 dancers past airport security.

The event was actually funded by the airport to promote a new pre-paid credit card, DXB Connect, said James Magee, owner of Dubai communications agency Global Event Management.

An official video of the performance in Terminal 1 was posted o YouTube this weekend.

The 'teaser campaign' worked with Diverse Choreography, a performing arts agency school in Dubai, who recruited people based in the UAE from different countries including the UK, Spain, and Lebanon.

Ms Shirran, 29, from Scotland, who teaches at Diverse Choreography, said: 'A lot of them were not actually professional dancers at all. There were people who do promotions, some models. One of them was a civil engineer. It was all walks of life, and that's what made it better, because otherwise it looks too staged.'

See the video below:

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