Tooth Fairy favours London's kids

Baby smilingThe Tooth Fairy puts her hand deeper into her pocket depending on where she happens to be, according to a new poll which revealed that some children receive £5.05 more than their peers.
London seems to be the Tooth Fairy's favourite city as each child receives an average of £5.10, while children in Hull wake up to an average of just 5p after losing a tooth.
The poll, which was conducted by, involved a total of 2,091 parents from around the UK, each with children aged between four and 12.

The luckiest children are those living in London, followed by Cambridge (£5.00), Cardiff (£4.75), Liverpool (£4.50) and Manchester (£4.35).

The poll found that the Tooth Fairy is least generous when she visits Hull, followed by Portsmouth (10p), York (10p), Glasgow (11p) and Nottingham (11p).

Mark Pearson, chairman of, said: "It was a surprise to see some children get as much as £5 per tooth.

"That works out to be around £100 by the time they've lost all their milk teeth!"

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