Subaru ditches its styling legacy with new stylish Legacy

In confirming its line-up for the Tokyo Motor Show later this month (November 2011), Subaru has thrown us a picture of the next generation Legacy.

The Advanced Tourer Concept (ATC) is, as the name indicates, just a concept for the time being. But look at it – it's hardly the typical UFO concept car with as much chance of being made as your idea for an underwater time machine, right?
No, this is all but the next Legacy, and yet another reason to believe that Subaru has started thinking about what its cars actually look like of late.

The ATC will sit shoulder to shoulder with the brand new BRZ coupé – another car with visuals on its side – and could yet become the most handsome estate since J. Howard Marshall.

Subaru isn't telling us much at the moment, but does say the car "embodies Subaru's [Tokyo Motor Show] theme of Confidence in Motion". What that actually means isn't clear, because both the ATC and BRZ look fairly confident when they're standing still. Japanese carmakers seem to love a nice, baffling catchphrase.

However, Subaru is on a downsizing trip at the moment, and the ATC will at least embody that: the car will be powered by a 1.6-litre boxer petrol engine linked to an electric motor – a so-called 'hybrid' – that will be both significantly cleaner and quicker than Subaru's current 2.5-litre boxer unit.

It will still be four-wheel drive, as is the Subaru norm (aside from the rear-wheel drive BRZ), though the electric motor will be capable of driving the car alone; whether electric (zero emissions) mode will drive all four wheels is not clear.

The concept gets its global debut at the Tokyo show, and will not only share a stand with the BRZ, but with the Subaru Impreza WRX STI S206 too. Subaru loves making special editions of the Impreza, and it's thought that, limited edition Cosworth version aside, this will be the most rapid of the current generation ever to leave the factory.
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