Boring conference finds commercial sponsor

Six packNo, really, there is now a conference called Boring 2011, which hopes to celebrate the mundane and dull things that make life just that little bit easier. And it now has a commercial sponsor - packaging company Hi-Cone, which is behind the design of the six pack, is going to be throwing money at it.
Naturally we apologise for the inclusion of the beer and logos in the picture illustrating this story, which may make it look interesting to some people. Hi-Cone is actually responsible for the plastic bits that hold six-packs of drinks together - which is a pretty dull thing to be doing we reckon.

What's on at Boring

The conference will have many speakers and break-out sessions. The subjects will include "Extracts from the first ten years of Which? Magazine", "Electric hand driers" and "Polite small talk".

The event will take place on 19 November at York Hall in East London, from 10.30 until 6pm. At the same time Hi-Cone is hosting an exhibition at the Science Museum on "Hidden Heroes", the idea being to celebrate small artefacts of technology which make a difference to our lives but which are a bit unsung.

If I had to choose between the two then the Science Museum would win out as it sounds less, well, boring - but now that AOL Money has told you about both, you have the choice!
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