Video: Need for Speed - The Run through Michael Bay's eyes

Michael Bay knows a thing or two about making exciting trailers. He managed to make the second Transformers movie look interesting, for example. So Electronic Arts asked him to give his own trailered take on its new Need For Speed game, The Run.

Now, Bay being Bay, the trailer is pretty much exactly as you'd imagine. There are plenty of 'dynamic' camera angles, massive explosions, and stunts that would leave real cars broken, battered and leaking on the side of the road. (See screenshot above for details.)You may recognise the red headed woman's face and voice – she's Mad Men's/your dreams' Christina Hendricks. Who said games don't appeal to the everyman anymore?

The actual game probably won't play like a Michael Bay movie – for one thing there'll probably be more plot between fights...

...Still, the trailer below neatly illustrates the key aspects of the game: plot, different environments, loads of very exotic cars and a fair few explosions. It looks rather good, but is it better than Forza 4?

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