Lotus + Alps + camera = awesome video

We all want to do *that* epic road trip. The one that you'll remember for the rest of your life - so full of moments, sights and 'things' that it'll be your go-to happy memory for some time to come.

Well, Jasper Dekker and Ard Jacobs wanted just that. So they went and got it. Clambering into a Lotus Elise for a 1,920-mile trip is a pretty big deal – you can expect a numb bum, no room to move and cramped legs. Unless you're driving through the Alps to Monaco.

You see, the little car from Hethel has a rather wonderful party piece – it handles like nothing else on the road (well, for reasonable money at least). So those smooth, twisty mountain roads are a proper treat for the driver. It wouldn't have been so much fun in a Chevrolet Aveo...

Do enjoy the video, but try not to hate Dekker and Jacobs too much. We don't. Honest. Ish.

Go Monaco 2011 from Jasper Dekker on Vimeo.

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