Glass's help those confused by car values with new service

Car soldAccording to new research, one in ten people who have sold a car had no idea of its true value. This is with just a quarter of British sellers taking advice from a dealer, as to the value of their car in the past 2 years.

Instead, over 50 per cent resorted to the internet and car magazines, for what could potentially be misleading retail valuations.
The study by Glass's, the UK's leading vehicle valuations specialists, also found that almost half of the British population (49 per cent) feel they would lack confidence when negotiating the right price when selling a vehicle.

So a new car price saviour has arrived just in time, in the form of a new consumer website, from the pricing specialist.

With nine out of ten dealers using Glass's valuations, should prove to be a useful free tool for sellers to find out the real value of a car – by simply entering a registration number.

For just £3.95 more, there's a Premium valuation service, which adjusts the value by taking into account the condition, mileage and trim to give the most accurate valuation possible.

Heiko Haasler, Chief Commercial Officer at Glass's commented on their new service: "The world of used cars can be very confusing, and this means that people are not confident when they are negotiating a car sale or purchase.

It's worrying that one in ten people have sold a car having no idea how much it was actually worth. With free valuations now available from Glass's in under two minutes, you can be prepared and ensure you're getting the right price for your car."
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