VW drops Passat CC, releases 'new' CC instead

The Los Angeles Auto Show will host the debut of a car we've never heard of before, the Volkswagen CC.

Obviously it's a Passat CC, but Volkswagen has chosen to drop the Passat part during the car's mid-life facelift. We know not why, but it's perhaps an attempt to shed the rakish four-door 'coupé' of the Passat's particularly non-rakish image.
It's ironic then that the CC has been given a quite straight edged, very tidy update that brings it visually closer to VW's newer models – like the Passat. Damn.

The changes include a re-shaped bonnet and, of course, new headlamps and taillights. The bumpers are both new to achieve a lower, wider look - the facelift norm these days.

Equipment is improved, mostly to the benefit of safety, with four-way adjustable anti-whiplash head restraints now standard.

All versions with 168bhp or more (which means the top end 168bhp diesel and 208bhp petrol) get VW's XDS electronic differential as standard.

The system cheaply mimics the effect of an expensive mechanical limited slip differential (LSD) by nipping the inside front wheel's brake during higher speed cornering, pulling the car around.

Options now include a rear camera housed in the VW badge that also acts as the tailgate handle. Emergency City Braking, which automatically brakes from low speed when an imminent crash is sensed, is also added to the list, along with adaptive cruise control.

March 2012 will see the first buyers pick up their new CCs, although prices aren't yet finalised. Expect a starting price of around £24,000 for a base 1.8-litre TSI with 158bhp.

The upper level petrol version is the aforementioned 208bhp 2.0-litre TSI (aka 'the engine from the Golf GTI') and diesel drivers chose between the ubiquitous 2.0-litre 138bhp TDI and the slightly less ubiquitous 168bhp version.
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