Video: Show-off Ferrari 458 driver nearly wipes out crowd

Ferrari 458 Italia
The Ferrari 458 Italia is a very powerful, rear-wheel drive car. Thus, it has a traction control system whose aim is to stop lottery winners and errant valet parkers hurting themselves and others. Or worse, dinging the paintwork.

This video shows what happens when you turn that system off, but you haven't got the skillz to deal with the consequences.
Not only does the drifting driver almost mow down three photographers, he then moseys on towards them for a second time rather than doing the decent thing – apologising and reversing. We might assume this is the testosterone fuelled result of an embarrassed panic.

Or, more likely, the man simply misjudged a couple of times and he's actually very nice. I mean, who among us hasn't come close to scything down a few snappers in a Ferrari?

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