A third of drivers aren't ready for winter driving

Mercedes in snow
A survey, commissioned by Manheim Auctions, has found that 33 percent of UK drivers (that's over 10million, FYI) aren't ready for the cold weather.

The survey found that less than five percent of motorists are planning on buying winter tyres, while 33 percent will be keeping a woolly pully in the boot and only 25 percent will carry jump leads with them.The survey results reveal how the 3,000 respondents are likely to prepare for the upcoming winter madness.

1. Top-up screen wash (89%)
2. Carry ice scraper (80%)
3. Top-up anti-freeze (78%)
4. Carry de-icer (77%)
5. Check water level (66%)
6. Carry warm clothing (33%)
7. Keep jump leads in the boot (25%)
8. Carry a shovel (21%)
9. Carry a warning triangle (19%)
10.Carry a reflective jacket (17%)

The big issue this year is winter tyres and how few people are going to buy them. We've previously reported that less than five percent of drivers are planning on fitting them this year, despite warnings of yet another catastrophic winter and even video demonstrations of their obvious benefits.

Craig Mailey, Marketing Director at Manheim Auctions commented: "Preparing for winter is second nature to many people but it goes beyond just carrying an ice scraper and de-icer. You need to prepare for the possibility of being stuck in traffic for long periods or of getting stranded in the snow."

If this winter is as severe as last year you'd do well to prepare as fully as you can by following the above advice, purchasing a set of winter tyres and driving sensibly on the roads in low-grip situations.
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