Novitec for the soul: tuned 888bhp Ferrari SA APERTA unleashed

German tuner of all things Italian, Novitec, has unveiled its rendition of the shouty SA APERTA, the rare convertible version of the 599 GTO built by Ferrari to celebrate Pininfarina's 80th birthday last year.

The Novitec Rosso conversion hikes power to a whopping 888bhp at 8,400rpm, up significantly from the 661bhp developed by the regular SA APERTA's 6.0-litre V12 engine. At the bottom end it has 636lb ft of torque, leading at least APERTA me to believe it will feel extremely quick. Apologies.
In fact, Novitec has measured the car's performance, claiming a 3.1-second dart to 62mph from rest – 0.6 seconds quicker than the 599 GTO coupé, which at this end of the market is a significant slice of erased time.

More face-contorting is the news that it can get to 124mph in just 9.1 seconds, and to 187mph in 21.9. LOL, as a new owner might text his banker friends.

The power hike comes by way of two superchargers, with a custom water cooling system fitted to ensure every one of those 888 steamed horses performs optimally.

The exhaust system is new, and is connected to the steering wheel Manettino dial so that a simple wrist flick can change the noise from obtrusive to positively deafening.

Ferrari limited production of the SA APERTA to just 80, meaning a Novitec version will be a delightfully rare supercar, though we're not told how much it costs.

Styling enhancements are available on top of the power conversion, including a set of 22-inch lightweight forged alloy rims, smoked light lenses and the obligatory matte black paint job.

Further mechanical changes include springs that are lowered – a state the roof may as well be in at all times too, as it happens.

That's because the SA APERTA's cloth hood is "designed to be resorted to only if the weather gets particularly bad," says Ferrari. Which is to say it absolutely sucks in a "resort to this doner kebab only if your drunkenness gets particularly bad" sort of way.

But hey, at least neither Ferrari nor Novitec has reinforced the point by taking a picture of the car cowering away from the rain, like a big wet blanket...
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