Where are the priciest homes in the UK?

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Does your home constitute value for money? It probably doesn't feel that way, especially if you paid an arm and a leg for it in 2007 and have watched its value fall through the floor ever since. However, sometimes it's all just a matter of perspective.

So just how much could you blow on a property in the UK?

Most expensive streets

In some ways Zoopla's list of the most expensive streets in the UK doesn't shock. The top 10 is almost entirely in London, and places like Chelsea, Kensington, Belgravia and Notting Hill tend to dominate.

In other ways, the figures are a real shock, with a home on the most expensive street in the UK costing an astonishing £28.88 million.

The full top 10 is:
1. Kensington Palace Gardens, W8 £28.88 million
2. The Boltons, SW10 £13.81 million
3. Frognal Way, NW3 £10.85 million
4. Belgrave Square, SW1X £9.73 million
5. Courtenay Avenue, N6 £9.08 million
6. Compton Avenue, N6 £8.69 million
7 Palace Green, W8 £8.36 million
8 Park Place Villas, W2 £7.71 million
9 Mahon Road, Malvern, WR13 £7.61 million
10 Manresa Road, SW3 £6.99 million

It all seems incredibly daft. Is any home really ever worth £28.88 million? Sure, they have ten bedrooms, but they couldn't cost more than £4 million to build, so the rest is just the snob value of being in a big house in a part of the country that the rest of the UK aspires to. And can we honestly say that the rest of the country real aspires to live in central London? Do we want it that much?

The UK's priciest property areas
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Where are the priciest homes in the UK?

£9.73 million

£8.69 million

£28.88 million

£13.81 million


The cheapest streets

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, it emerges just how much of a rip off these properties constitute. Move them elsewhere in the country and they would be worth a fraction of the price.

The top ten cheapest streets are:
1 Merryfield Court, Skegness, PE24 £31,250
2 Oxford Street, Nelson BBB9 £32,438
3 Dellfield Drive, Sunderland SR4 £32,516
4 Crosswood Close, Hull, HU7 £32,653
5 Voelas Street, Liverpool L8 £32,779
6 Bright Street, Colne, BB8 £33,195
7 St Matthews Court, Burnley, BB11 £33,282
8 Crossland Street, Accrington BB5 £33,494
9 Within Grove, Accrington BB5 £33,625
10 Baker Street, Burnley, BB11 £33,644

Of course, these aren't necessarily the most desirable parts of the country. But is Skegness really almost a million times less desirable than Notting Hill. It seems unlikely.

But what do you think? Do these prices make any sense to you? Does your property price make any sense? Let us know in the comments.
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