West London postcodes W-orst for careless car damage

Damaged car
It's official; West London postcodes are the worst areas for careless collisions, scrapes, dents and bumps in the country's capital.

In a report published by Accident Exchange, the West of the city accounted for more than 26% of vehicle damage in London with South Western postcodes tailing just behind with 24% - combined, the two areas of London account for more than half of all incidents in the city.
Obviously though, if you've just dropped the kids off at school and you need to dash to Starbucks for your morning caffeine fix before heading off to Waitrose to pack the boot of your Chelsea tractor full of middle-class food stuffs, the last thing on your mind is to take care of your premium German soft-roader's austere exterior – "Tarquin, do pass me my Mont Blanc so I can note down this chap's insurance details."

In truth, with an estimated three million cars on the roads of the capital – approximately 9% of all the cars in the UK – and an average 6.3 million journeys made each day in London, there's bound to be a bump or two.

On top of that, London drivers also face some of the highest repair bills compared to the rest of the UK, with garages charging an average rate of £91 per hour, over a tenner more than the national average of £80 per hour.

With an average repair bill of £2,100 per vehicle then, the total of the damage inflicted on cars from the capital each year is estimated at more than half a billion pounds.

According to Lee Woodley of Accident Exchange, "despite car ownership in London being much lower than the rest of the UK, the heavily congested roads, cramped parking and complicated network mean drivers are more at risk from vehicle damage."

Still, it's better than getting the tube isn't it?
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