Top Gear Live to host drag racing 'motoring madness'

With Top Gear Live only a few days away, organisers have revealed a new-for-2011 event – indoor drag racing.

With the Top Gear trio's reputation, you'd be forgiven for thinking in-door drag racing could be a recipe for disaster, but thankfully the names getting behind the wheel of stunning supercars include some past greats and current favourites.
Car's competing in the in-door drag include a brace of Jaguars: the former fastest car in the world, the Jaguar XJ220, and Jaguar's latest snarling big cat, the XKR-S.

The two Jags will be part of an old vs new section in a battle between all generations. Races will see Mr Clarkson's former Ford Escort RS Cosworth vs Ford's latest Focus RS as well as an all out battle between two Nobles, the M400 and current flagship M600, and a serious blast from the past with an original Mini Cooper Mk1 taking on its modern day equivalent, the John Cooper Mini.

Unfortunately, we think the plucky little '60s Mini will probably get annihilated by its modern day brethren with the more modern M600 just shading the M400 in the race of the Nobles too. But for the race between the Jags and the Fords we will be staying firmly on the fence.

With 542bhp and 476lb ft of twist in the XJ220 up against 550bhp and 501lb ft in the XKR-S, it' still an unbelievably difficult one to call even with the XJ220 tipping the scales at more than 370kg less than the XKR-S.

The story is the same with the pair of fast Fords. With 225bhp and 229lb ft of torque the Escort RS Cosworth is down on the Focus RS's 301bhp and 325lb ft of torque, but at just under 200kg lighter and with four-wheel drive compared to the Focus's front-wheel drive, the Cossy could potentially pip the Focus RS to the line.

Alongside the drag racing will be the star in a reasonably priced car feature including celebrity drivers such as Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, Olympic gold medallist Amy Williams, World Superbike Champion Carl Fogarty and Ferrari nut Chris Evans. The Top Gear stunt team will also be there doing their death-defying thing so it's bound to be an action packed event.
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