Providing for family and Fido tops Brits last wish list

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Looking after family and pets financially tops the list of last wishes Brits hope to be able to grant when they pass away.

That's according to new research from, the professional advice website, as part of its annual 'Write a Will Week' campaign. They also reveal however that 29.5 million UK adults do not have a will in place.
More than one in four UK adults hope to leave enough money for their family or furry friends to live comfortably after they're gone. Meanwhile, more than one in 10 wish to fund their child or grandchild through university and 63 percent expect to leave a property to family, friends, or charities.
Nearly one in five would like to boost their child or grandchild's savings, and 15percent hope to leave enough for their loved ones to be able to put a deposit on a house.

Top five things Brits hope to leave enough money for:

1. Enough for my family or pets to live comfortably
2. Enough to boost my child/grandchild's savings
3. Enough for my child/grandchild to put a deposit on a house
4. Enough to fund my child/grandchild through university
5. Enough to fund my child/grandchild's wedding
When asked what assets they expect to be able to leave to family, friends, or charities, nearly two thirds of UK adults expect to have a property, and of those, 55 percent expect the value of the home they leave to be worth £100k or more. Over half expect to leave jewellery, antiques and paintings and nearly one in ten expect to leave a business behind.
However, it appears the apathy of the nation could leave the last wishes of millions of Brits ignored after they pass away simply because they don't have a will in place - nearly 30 million UK adults are currently without a will - putting their loved ones' inheritance at risk.'s annual 'Write a Will Week' campaign highlights the importance of seeking help from a professional adviser to ensure they have an up to date and valid will in place as dying intestate means there will be strict guidelines on who gets what and in some cases their estate could even be passed to the Crown.
Karen Barrett, Chief Executive of says, "Our latest research reveals that people have a clear idea of what they want to leave, and to whom, after they pass away but millions are still neglecting to write a will and make their plans official.
"Having a will is critical to ensuring your last wishes are carried out after you're gone. Getting professional advice from a solicitor or through the guidance of an IFA means you can organise your affairs, including your funeral arrangements and your family's future plans, providing you with the peace of mind that things are taken care of."
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