Kate Moss spotted having beer for breakfast in Jamaica

Kate Moss spotted having beer for breakfast in JamaicaPA

It looks like Kate Moss's girls-only trip to Jamaica has become more of a party holiday than a quiet break.

After a big night partying Kate emerged from her five-star £750-a-night villa soon after 10am and was spotted drinking beer as she san on a sun lounger.

An onlooker said: "It looked like it was a case of hair of the dog. Kate came out of the villa in a scruffy green T-shirt and bikini bottoms and headed to the beach. She looked blotchy and worse for wear and knocked back three bottles of beer, which she washed down with Old Jamaica Ginger Beer.

"She had enjoyed quite a big night, which kicked off with a soiree on their private veranda. The party drank three bottles of one before heading over to the beach for a barbecue.

"They partied for hours and Kate obviously had to sleep it off.

"Sadie [Frost] was up bright and early to take the kids to breakfast before doing an hour-long yoga session."

Kate and Sadie are staying with their daughters, Lila-Grace and Iris, at the boutique beach hotel where Ian Fleming wrote 14 James Bond adventures.

Kate paid extra to have two butlers, two chefs, a housekeeper, a live-in masseuse and a yoga teacher at their disposal.

According to friends, Kate booked the holiday so that she and her new husband Jamie could have "a bit of time apart."

A source said: "They were getting under each other's feet. Kate has been calling it marriage shock. It's nothing serious, but they agreed a holiday was a good idea. Jamie told her to remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and he thinks it will do them good."

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