Homes that go bump in the night

HalloweenAFP/Getty Images

A creepy looking house on a dark, stormy night – we all know how the Halloween films go. Research from property website reveals a large proportion of UK homeowners may well be sharing their property with Casper.

Nearly a quarter of people believe they have lived in a haunted house. A further one in ten say that although they don't believe their house was haunted, it definitely had an 'atmosphere' about it.

For many, living in a house with ghosts and ghouls doesn't faze them at all - nearly half say it wouldn't affect the price they would pay. Similarly, 54% would see what living in a haunted home was like before deciding to hire an exorcist or even sell it on.

Yet one in six (15%) say that - even though they don't believe in ghosts - they still wouldn't buy a property thought to be haunted. This helps explain why over half (54%) of people say homeowners shouldn't be obliged to tell prospective buyers if their home is haunted.

Other homebuyers see the prospect of paranormal house guests as a bargaining tool – 17% say they would offer lower than the asking price for a home reported to be haunted. Almost a quarter (22%) would expect to pay less than 50% for a haunted house. In comparison, only 1% of people would pay over the asking price.

Of those who have experienced the paranormal, 41% actually saw a ghost, compared to 59% who just felt a presence. But if they had to choose what type of manifestation they would rather live with, 49% would prefer to live with a dumb ghost (one that doesn't acknowledge humans). Not surprisingly, only 2% of homeowners would choose to live with a poltergeist.

Jennifer Warner from said: "For most prospective buyers, how a property feels is often just as important as how it looks. It's therefore interesting that many people would choose to live with the possibility of a few unexplained bumps in the night than miss out on their dream home."
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