Is 'home-swapping' the new British holiday trend?

Ruth Doherty
Is 'home-swapping' the new British holiday trend?
Is 'home-swapping' the new British holiday trend?

Stock photo: PA

Home-swapping could be the new money-saving British holiday trend after twice as many people opted to try someone else's house on for size instead of taking a traditional break this year.

Over 3.2 million Brits house-swapped this year in a bid to tighten their belts in the tough economic climate.

And, already, over four million people are planning on a home-swap holiday for 2012, according to the survey by Love Home Swap, which also says six out of ten people are worried about not being able to afford their annual getaway next year.

In an interview with over 1,000 people, the holiday company said the main reason cited for home swapping was saving money, with three-quarters saying the lower cost was what attracted them most.

The second reason given was that it allowed people to stay in upmarket locations they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford, and thirdly the idea of 'living like a local' appealed to many.

According to the report in the Telegraph, up to £2,000 can be taken off the cost of a family holiday if you choose to swap homes instead of renting a villa.

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