Exclusive interview with Helmut Marko: Aiming to demoralise the opposition

Red Bull continue to set the pace in India. Autoblog UK spoke with Helmut Marko who aims to demoralise his opponents and stay ahead in 2012.

No matter whether it's an established circuit or a new one, Red Bull are always out in front...Helmut Marko: When it really counts, Sebastian Vettel steps up to the mark and delivers his usual dominant performance.

What was the key here?
Helmut Marko: The key is sector one. This is very fast, so you have to find a level of downforce that won't cost you too much here while maintaining speed in the other two sectors. Vettel in particular has found the necessary compromise, but we haven't been quite as successful in Webber's case. This should help in the race, because if you're fast in this sector, the DRS zone doesn't come into play.

The penalty for Lewis Hamilton has handed the whole of the first row to Red Bull. But you still won't be cruising along, will you?
Helmut Marko: Absolutely not. Fernando Alonso poses a similar threat at the start, albeit not quite as unpredictable, but he is usually a strong opponent for the full duration of the race. We want to win the start, then we can hopefully dictate the proceedings from the front.

How much do victories in the last three races really matter?
Helmut Marko: They are important for several reasons. First, we believe that any modifications will have an impact on next year's car – we intend to be leading the field next year as well. Also, by continuing our winning run, we demoralise the competition. We want to show them that we are still ahead.

What do you think of the wobbly Ferrari front wing?
Helmut Marko: That's funny. There are always allegations that we have wings that bend too much, but this type of flexibility is something new. Whether it's a change for the better is a moot point.
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