Video: 3,000bhp, 250mph Red Victor 3 takes to the (public) road

The Red Victor project is a curious one. Now in its third incarnation, it's the brainchild of Andy Frost. You see, Andy has a simple dream – to own the fastest road legal car in all of the world. Who can blame him?

We wrote about Red Victor's incredible 0-62mph time back in September (it takes one whole second), but he's finally got RV3 through an SVA test and he can drive it on the road.

You'd think that driving a 3,000bhp twin-turbo V8 along a normal A road would be a daunting task, but as the video shows, Andy handles it like a boss...aside from crawling over RV3's massive roll cage - it's hard to imagine it's possible to do that with dignity intact.

So sit back and have a couple of minutes watching a very powerful dragster make a rather lovely noise at some truly normal speeds.

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