Finance firm funds £1m worth of Evoques

Range Rover Evoque
A luxury finance company has reported a huge surge in interest in the new baby Range Rover - and has revealed it's already funded £1m worth of Evoques!

Premiership footballers, WAGs and company directors are so desperate to get their hands on the new model they have inundated Bridford Financial Solutions with finance requests.

The firm has so far funded 23 Evoques - at an average of more than £43,000 - and there are plenty more buyers lining up to be next.

Bridford boss Tim Marlow said: "We knew demand would be high but we have been pleasantly surprised at just how strong interest has been.

"It is still early days for the Evoque but it appears to be a master stroke from Land Rover. The majority of our Evoque customers either had a Freelander and are upgrading or they are buying a Land Rover vehicle for the first time.

"Neither has it affected sales of the two more premium Vogue and Sport models so this very profitable revenue stream has been protected. In fact, sales of these vehicles have been high all year and is increasing further as we approach the winter."

The 'baby' Range Rover was launched on September 9 and demand has continued to grow with Bridford currently processing six other applications - worth up to a further quarter of a million pounds.

The most popular model has been the 190bhp 2.2 litre diesel Evoque Dynamic (three-door coupè and five-door).

The demographic of buyers has been mainly company directors aged between 35 and 45.

"Company directors make up a large section of our customers and they have really taken to the Evoque; it's modern, innovative and fashionable, a really good car to be seen in and affordable to many," added Marlow.

"Another large group of our clientele is high net worth individuals including a lot of Premiership footballers and we are expecting more interest from this sector, especially among their wives and girlfriends given Victoria Beckham's role designing and promoting the Evoque."

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