Video: Red Bull Air Race plane vs. Porsche 911 Carrera S

Porsche 911 and Red Bull plane
Daredevil Kirby Chambliss has his own air strip and a Red Bull sponsorship. He also, it seems, has quite a bit of time on his hands. So when his crew chief Jason Resop rocked up to Flying Crown Ranch (Kirby's base) in a Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet, Kirby came up with an idea.

He decided to race his plane against the car. As you do. The plan was simple: start the car at one end of the runway, the plane at the other. The car must drive as fast as possible to reach the other end, turn around then return to its starting point. Meanwhile the plane takes off, flies as high as it can, then rushes back to the Porsche's starting point. First past the post wins.
Admittedly, the acting in this particular video is a little suspect, but the actual race thing is quite cool. Be warned - there is a moment in there that will make you wince a little...

So have a few minutes of adrenaline at your desk on us. Enjoy.

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