Video: One little Alfa Romeo takes on lots of... balloons?

Alfa Romeo is pretty good at social media campaigns. Thanks to a heady mix of hardcore Alfa fans, people who simply like to win stuff and a few who'll give anything a go, the firm's social fun always does rather well.

This time the Italian manufacturer has decided to set a world driving record. Alfa wanted to see how many balloons could be popped by a single car – a 170bhp Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio. Alfa made a phone call to its mentalist driver of choice, Terry Grant, and another to see if Rockingham was up for some fun. A plan was hatched.

The balloons were filled and laid out in the shape of the Alfa Romeo logo, Terry was primed to go and hoped that his 19 world records would soon stand at 20.

Of the 2,500 balloons available to pop only four remained intact on Rockingham's track. Now, Alfa fans are being asked to guess where the remaining balloons stood – the correct guessers will get a pretty unforgettable Alfa track day at Goodwood by way of reward. Can't say fairer than that, can you?

The video below, created to promote the competition, is a bit special. It was filmed using a pre-production Red Epic camera – the sort of camera used to film The Hobbit. It shoots at 300 frames per second and produces IMAX quality footage. Pretty awesome stuff.

The video is below and if you fancy popping your hat into the ring to win the elusive Goodwood track day head over to Alfa's Facebook page.

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