Review: Le Mans 2011 Blu-Ray

Le Mans 2011 Blu-ray
A thrilling 24 hour race condensed into four hours of easy-to-watch highlights. This is what the newly released official review of Le Mans 2011 offers for fans who wish to recapture the thrills and spills in France this year.
The Blu-ray box handily comes with double play, including a standard definition DVD. A perfect opportunity then to compare the quality of the discs side by side.

This is the first time that a Le Mans review has been made available in Blu-ray, and it instantly has the 'wow factor' compared to the standard DVD. A much crisper picture is delivered and some incredible close-ups make for a wholly interactive viewing experience.

The difference is perhaps most clear well into the night, when the in-car cameras have picked up so much detail that you can almost see the dying expression of the squished bugs on the windscreen.

Okay, maybe it's not that clear, but the high-definition picture really does give a much more pleasurable viewing experience well worth the extra money.

The pick of my favourite moments goes to the crystal clear picture when Timo Bernhard is on the limit in his Audi R18 TDI braking heavily after the Mulsanne straight and the cockpit view of the effortlessly swift driver changes in the Peugeot 908 pit during a tyre change.

As always, the commentary is bang on and pretty much seamless between cuts. Christopher Tate and David Addison do a stellar job of analysing the race, particularly when Allan McNish crashed in a big way in the first hour, they keep the audience well informed throughout on his condition.

The highlights are so well done that at no point of the four hour viewing time did I feel bored or distracted, although I would recommend watching it in the hour-long stages available on the menu.

The only gripe I had from an otherwise fantastic Blu-ray was the rather abrupt ending. I would have liked more footage of driver interviews and analysis of the race that is offered in F1. By now, you more than likely know who won, but a driver bio would add more to the end of the disc.

Overall then, once again Blu-ray shows it is leaps and bounds ahead of DVD quality and manages to add another element to Le Mans 2011.

It can makes you feel like you are in the cars with the drivers on many occasions, and the final package makes great viewing on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or a perfect present for someone with Christmas coming up.

Le Mans 2011 is available to buy here for £19.99.

Check out the preview below:

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