Give your living room a winter makeover

Now that the evenings are drawing in, there's nothing like a cosy living room to cheer you up on a winter's evening. If your lounge could do with brightening up this winter, here are a few simple makeover tips to give it a warm, inviting glow.

winter living room makeover

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Cosy colour
An easy way to bring that all-important cosiness to your living room is with warming colours. There's no need to decorate the whole room - one or two accent walls, particularly if you have a long room, painted in rich reds, terracotta, or a deep golden hue, will give the room a little instant heat. It also gives you a good starting point for winter-time accessories and soft furnishings.

Tactile textures
When it's cold outside, the feel of a sheepskin rug beneath your feet, a faux fur cushion to sink into or a knitted or crocheted blanket to snuggle under make all the difference to your mood. These days you don't have to spend a fortune to get the desired effect as stores such as Ikea and B&Q are stocked up on reasonably-priced throws and rugs for the winter.

Throws make for an excellent purchase as you can match your sofa to your new winter colour scheme and simply put them away come the spring.

Try layering your textures to create a tactile haven where you can settle in for the evening.

As the nights draw in...
Why not draw the furniture in too? If you are blessed with a large room, pull the sofas away from the wall and forwards towards a focal point such as a fireplace creating an instantly cosier environment. If that leaves a noticeably empty hole or a handy nook, try turning it into a reading corner, complete with an old armchair.

Soften things up
Lighting is, of course, key to cosiness. Forget the bright, overhead light and opt for gentle pools of light with standard or table lamps. Or, for a low-lit romantic atmosphere, light a few scented candles.

Light a fire
Those of you lucky enough to have a home with a hearth should take full advantage as the weather turns cold. There is nothing quite like the hypnotic flickering of flames in the fireplace and it will literally give your living room a warm glow.

However, whether you are using a traditional open fire or a woodburner at home, do make sure that your chimney is swept regularly (at least once a year, more if you burn wood, as resin can quickly build up), have the flue on your woodburner inspected to ensure that it is safe, and always use a fire guard.

With a few simple changes or additions, your living can easily be transformed into an inviting, warm and cosy space. The only problem is, you may be all the more tempted to hibernate for the winter!
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