BMW supercar on the way?

When you look at ze German 'big three' you see fairly similar line ups – there's a big SUV, a littler SUV, a big/medium/little saloon and a little sports car. But BMW is like the kid who has his mum cut his hair, sat in the corner, tired of the mocking – because BMW doesn't have a supercar and the bigger boys do.

But Autocar has reported that the BMW M division would rather like to follow Mercedes and Audi's lead by developing one.

Sadly, while BMW almost certainly has the resources to create such a car, there needs to be a business case to support it – apparently seeing how well the R8 and SLS are doing isn't really enough for the Munich firm's big bosses.

Albert Biermann, product development chief, also laments the lack of a new Z4M car – citing that a business case has yet to be made for that, too.

As far as we can see, the lack of Z4M is a good thing – it means the M cars remain special in the line up, rather than becoming just another trim level.

Audi, for example, promises an 'S' version of each of its cars, an 'RS' follows after a while, too.

Mercedes' AMG division will make a monster out of anything, casting a performance model-shaped shadow over the rest of the range. It's a worry when the B-Class AMG makes your C180 feel a little gutless by comparison.

Yes, a BMW supercar would be fantastic (perhaps the M1 Hommage could make an appearance?) but let's let them do what they do best for now – make road cars go very, very quickly indeed. We wonder what's in store for the next M3..?

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