Video: Another Arrinera Veno trailer. Just release the car already!

Last week we showed you a trailer for this video of Poland's Arrinera Veno supercar. It promised power, excitement and lots of other things that would get you all hot under the collar.

The promised video is finally here and we've got... well, plenty of CGI. It seems that Arrinera went a bit nuts in post-production and digitally imposed the Veno into rather futuristic city... albeit one with terrible roads.

Thankfully, the action eventually moves through a giant CG tunnel and into the real world.

Still, the Arrinera looks pretty sweet to us – its 650bhp V8 engine, jazzy interior, thermal camera and IR imaging (for fog 'n stuff, we suppose) are pretty sweet.

We'd like the video to show us a bit more though. Like a price. Or a release date. Or what it looks like in a different colour... Or what it looks like in the daylight in reality without a silly filter over the camera. Maybe we're just being picky.

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