Mercedes planning BMW X6 rival. Cheshire holds its breath

Mercedes GLC

Mercedes is known for its ability to pointlessly fill niches. Without the firm's constant hunt for more and more micro-markets we'd be without such greats as the R-Class (and its AMG version), the B-Class (which is like a people carrier, but expensive) and the GL-Class (an SUV the size of Columbia).

However, the German firm missed one niche altogether – the Coupé-SUV, which BMW 'owns' with the X6. For now...
Mercedes is, according to Autocar, planning on launching a rival to the X6 in 2015 and building it in its Tuscaloosa, Alabama (cue the banjos, kids), plant.

Why is it built there? Because the ML-Class, upon which the new model will be based, is bolted together in the Deep South.

The new car, either called GLS or MLC, will be a four-seater and have a low, swoopy roofline, much like both the CLS and the BMW X6 - its natural rival. That said, a new Range Rover Sport (expect it to be Evoque-ified beyond all belief) and the Maserati Kubang are headed our way soon.

There's no news on powerplants, but expect the usual lineup of BlueEfficiency petrol and diesel models. And, of course, an AMG variant.

And expect to find overly tanned mums, draped in big D&G logos, braying over pre-release brochures, 'exclusive' mock ups and spy pictures very soon.
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