Competition photo reveals Europe's worst coastal erosion - in Yorkshire

Competition photo reveals Europe's worst coastal erosion - in

The Environmental Photographer of the Year competition has unveiled some hard-hitting images from across the globe, including a shocking image of Europe's worst coastal erosion - in Yorkshire.

The Holderness coast in Yorkshire's East Riding stretches for 61km, and suffers an average rate of erosion of two metres per year, with many villages being lost to the sea over hundreds of years.

The competition saw 13 judges choose between over 10,000 entries from 105 nations.

The overall winning image depicted two small children living off a scrap yard in India, a poignant glimpse of a life lived in poverty.

Among other entries were an amazing image of a shrimp cleaning the teeth of a moray eel, African wild dogs attacking a warthog in Botswana, and two children hunting for themselves on a boat in a remote ocean village.

The competition is now its fifth year, and is organised by the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) - a charity and professional body for scientists and engineers that promotes environmental awareness across the world.
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