Woman 'physically restrained' after mid-flight air rage attack on Nick Clegg

Woman 'physically restrained' after mid-flight air rage attack on Nick CleggPA

Nick Clegg was the victim of an air rage attack on a flight from London to Cairo.

The Lib Dem leader was on his way to the city to announce a £5 million aid boost to stimulate jobs in Egypt, when he was verbally abused by a woman angry at his party preventing the scrapping of the Human Rights Act.

Onlookers said the woman had to be 'physically restrained' from attacking him over his decision to stop the Coalition from ditching the Act.

The legislation was brought in by Tony Blair and, while in opposition, David Cameron pledged to get rid of it, saying it prevented Britain from deporting foreign terrorists.

But the creation of the Coalition means the Conservative cannot carry out the promise because the Lib Dems don't agree, instead offering to incorporate the Act in to a new British Bill of Rights.

And Nick Clegg got a taste of the public's opinion on his Cairo-bound flight this week.

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