Video: Surfer narrowly escapes great white shark attack, surfboard doesn't

 Video: Surfer narrowly escapes great white shark attack - but surfboard doesn'tScreengrab: CNN

A surfer is counting his lucky stars after narrowly escaping a great white shark attack off the coast of Oregon.

Bobby Gumm was surfing with friends off a beach in Newport when a great white suddenly came up beneath him and took a 23-inch wide bite out of his board.

As the waves are better further out, Bobby and his friends then faced a terrifying 200-yard swim back to shore, which, one said, felt like an eternity.

Ron Clifford, who was surfing with Mr Gumm at the time, said: 'All the sudden I saw a two-foot fin coming out of the water and it lifted up my friend in the air.

'I was scared for my life. I've never seen anything like that. It was like witnessing an almost murder.'

The whole group managed to make it back to the beach unharmed.

Mr Clifford added: 'It felt like eternity. It was slow motion.'

Looking at the size of the bite mark, scientists speculated the shark would have been between 16 and 20 feet long.

The news comes as reports emerges this weekend that an American surfer was killed by a great white shark in Western Australia.

Watch the video below:

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