Pumpkin feeds: Meerkats get stuck into early Halloween surprise


Meerkats at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent quite literally got stuck into the Halloween treats provided by zoo staff, who filled a pumpkin with the animals' favourite cuisine, cockroaches and crickets.

Pumpkin feeds: Meerkats get stuck into early Halloween surpriseSolent

The group spent some time trying to figure out how to get to their delicious delicacies, before one headstrong member decided to dive in headfirst.

Adrian Harland, the park's animal director told the Metro: 'It is important to provide enrichment for our animals. This helps keep them interested and offers new challenges for them.

'The pumpkins were perfect because the animals had to work out how to retrieve the treats inside.'

But, the question is, did they work out how to get out once they'd finished?

Halloween ideas

Halloween ideas

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