Maserati registers "Cinqueporte" name tag

There's a new Maserati on its way. Or so we reckon given that Maserati has registered the "Cinqueporte" name tag in Italy.

According to Italian car website alvolante, Maserati has also trademarked the Cinqueporte nameplate logo and typical Maserati font, hinting that the Italian firm is keen to use the new moniker on its sports-luxury Kubang crossover concept, unveiled at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show.Ok, so broken down in English, "Cinqueporte" literally only means "five-door". Somehow it just sounds so much better in Italian though – I mean you couldn't imagine the Range Rover Evoque to simply be called the five-door.

But the new name for the next Maserati has also given rise to some speculation that the Kubang will retain its original concept car name and that the Cinqueporte will be a five-door shooting brake version of the current Maserati Quattroporte.

A one-off Quattroporte shooting brake was actually produced for an undisclosed wealthy Arab businessman back in 2008. The middle eastern mogul was looking to ape the Sultan of Brunei's individual Ferrari 456 shooting brake, with a bit more of a modern flavour. But will that shooting brake special lead to a production version?

In truth, probably not.

Obviously Maserati is remaining tight-lipped about its plans for the Cinqueporte name. But with the success of premium brands branching out into the SUV sector, such as Porsche and Audi, we wouldn't bet against the Cinqueporte tag being applied to its sporty SUV when it eventually gets the go-ahead for production.

We think the market for a Maserati estate-style motor just isn't big enough to warrant the new name.
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