BMW M3 saloon will come before coupe

BMW has confirmed that the next M3 will appear in four-door guise first with an M4 badged coupe to follow.

After the release of the all-new 3 Series last week, according to Autocar magazine, the Bavarian firm will release the saloon version of its family-swallowing hot-rod first as it then doesn't have to wait for the 3 Series coupe to be released – that means the M3 hungry UK market will get the car sooner than usual.BMW is also saying that the next M3 will be a more toned down affair with the benchmark small super-saloon losing some of its hardcore character.

Thankfully, the softening off of the M3 will only be limited to the saloon, which in fact will be the only car to wear the hallowed M3 boot badge.

Coupe and convertible versions will be branded M4 and for all the petrol heads and rev junkies out there, you'll be pleased to note the M4 will not be a soft cruiser.

No, it'll still be the full-on raucous beast engineered for pure driving pleasure just like the M3 has always traditionally been. We're also guessing that differentiating the saloon from the coupe and the convertible will be a way for BMW to hike the price up for the later – this time a not so rewarding BMW tradition.

The M3 saloon is still at least another 18 months away however given that the standard 3 Series saloon has only just been unveiled.

The talk is that the M3/M4 will be moving to six-cylinder turbo power, but in what configuration we don't yet know.
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