Angry Birds, The Movie - confirmed!

Picture from Angry BirdsIt's been rumoured for a while and now Rovio, makers of the hit game Angry Birds, has confirmed that a movie is in development. Not everything in development actually ends up getting made but this one seems to have a decent head of steam - having said that, will it be the same if you can't flick the birds yourself?
The company has hired Marvel's Iron Man producer David Maisel to helm the film and confirmed that there have now been 400m downloads of the game.

The cost per download is of course tiny, but it's not actually free so this 400m actually means something in financial terms. The business is targeting China as its next major territory as most of the players are in the US at the moment.

Changing games

Finances aside, the other thing the game has done - or at least of which it's been a major part - is changing the games market altogether. Initially people had computers and they had games consoles - once the console market was established the two were pretty much divided down the middle.

There were of course games on phones for at least a decade before Rovio emerged, and there were PC games. It was the sales of games like Angry Birds, however, which really grew the so-called "social gaming" market. Numerous reports have suggested that the iPhone is now the biggest mobile gaming platform, and the record sales of iPhone 4S will have done nothing to change that.

That said, previous movies based on games have met with mixed fortunes. The thing about games is that - pretty obviously - the players get to control what's going on. Without that element you have to ask whether this movie's going to share much in common with the game other than its basic appearance.
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