Original Land Rover to live on until 2017

Land Rover Defender
The Land Rover Defender will stay in production until 2017 and will be made alongside its eventual replacement due in 2015.

Defender 110 long wheelbase and 130 commercial variants of the dependable mud-plugger will avoid the chop and will be sold together with the Defender's replacement previewed at last month's Frankfurt Motor Show with the release of the DC100 and DC100 Sports concepts.
With the funky looking, fresh-faced DC100s, Land Rover dragged the Defender into the 21st century, managing to retain the classic boxiness of the original Landy and combining it with kerb appeal so as it wouldn't look out of place on the drive of a neo-Georgian Cheshire mansion.

With the two real off-roaders going to be on sale together, it will be a nice window linking the past and the future too.

But while the current Defender might look low-tech (ok, so it is a bit), it is the advances in engine efficiency that have allowed the Landy to keep going.

The Defender will receive a refreshed 2.2-litre diesel engine that will now meet EU6 emissions standards, meaning its life looks secured up until 2016/2017 where the next big step-up in emissions standards comes in.

It also appears that the Defender's dependability has helped strengthen the case to save it.

Thanks to it's ability to carry a winter ram here, a sheep dog there, it was reclassified as a commercial vehicle a few years back meaning that the Landy might not have to meet EU6 emissions regs until a few years after most vehicles anyway.

Pedestrian impact safety laws looked to have also sounded the death knell for the old go-anywhere warhorse, compounding its previous dirty engine woes, but thanks to an exemption from the law up until 2020, it looks like the Landy could still be going strong well into this decade.
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