Meet the Marchi eleMMent, a £1.9million motorhome

Marchi eleMMent
In general, caravans and motorhomes are a trifle rubbish. They're slow, take up far too much space, lead to dreary holidays in some of the country's dullest areas and you have to muck out your loo. As you would a horse. Unless, of course, you're minted. Then you can have a Marchi eleMMent.

It'll set you back an eye-watering £1.9million – that's for the base model – and is 40ft long. But it comes with more mod-cons than a Docklands apartment. You can have your eleMMent fitted with mobile internet, video surveillance, a working fireplace (that's one house fire that would make you cringe) and much more.

The master bedroom comes with a 40-inch TV and an en-suite rainfall shower, too. So far it's making us think our houses are a touch... underequipped.

The 20-tonne, 40ft long eleMMent has more tricks up its massive sleeves. Its floor space can be extended to 430 sq ft thanks to a pop-out side panel and its 'sky lounge', which features a bar and even underfloor heating.

Speed, unlike every other motor home in the UK, isn't an issue for the eleMMent. It's packing 510bhp and can hit 93mph. Eco-nuts need not worry as it'll manage 13mpg – not great, we admit, but pretty good in the grand scheme of things.

If you're worried about the safety aspects of a 20-tonne caravan crashing at 93mph you needn't get too worked up. Thanks to its super-strong glass-fibre construction and elevated seating position it's stronger than most heavy vehicles.

The odd-looking cabin seats two and has its own bunk bed, so if you don't fancy driving yourself and want a driver to do it for you they can sleep in the cab. Most impressive is the visibility the cab gives you – not only do you get a wide view, but the propeller-style wipers ensure you can see clearly all the time, rather than having to wait for the up/down cycle of normal blades...

Night time visibility is a concern for some, so Marchi has seen fit to add a glow-in-the dark-paint option to the eleMMent. It's a brave addition, but likely one that many will go for.

Want one? Head to Marchi's website and be prepared to spend LOTS OF MONEY. £1.9million is only the base price. The firm will do pretty much anything to an eleMMent if you hand over enough wonga...

Marchi eleMMent motorhome
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Meet the Marchi eleMMent, a £1.9million motorhome

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