Great Scott, Marty! An electric DeLorean...

We make no apologies for the Back to the Future reference, because for a whole generation (or three) the DeLorean isn't a symbol of DMC founder John DeLorean's ability to extract money from Maggie Thatcher, it's a time machine. And that's awesome.

The firm went under during the last century, but was resurrected from the ashes a few years ago. Previously DMC made 'new' DeLoreans, fixed up old ones and sold official parts to owners. Until now because they're bringing out the first new DeLorean since 1981 and it's electric. And probably "heavy, doc".

DMC has ripped out the petrol-powered Delorean's V6 and replaced it with a 'leccy motor. Now there's (around) 260bhp on tap, so it should go like plutonium off a Libyan.

Inside the switchgear has been updated along with the electrics so everything should work as well as a new buyer would hope.

DMC says it'll do the 0-60mph sprint in 4.9s and can do around 70 miles until it's 'outta charge' (sorry) if you drive it normally. It'll do 100 miles if you drive like a milkman.

Now, this does mean Mr Fusion will need to be plugged in for a while (about 13 hours for a full charge if similarly-powered cars are anything to go on) but it'll look good while hooked up to the mains.

The current prototype runs on DC power, but the next generation will use AC, gaining better economy as a result.

Want one? Wait until 2013 and ask these people very nicely if they'll change your money into a silent DeLorean.
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