Arrinera Automotive teases with latest supercar video

Arrinera Automotive is largely unknown. It's a Polish firm that has never launched a car before. So, you could be forgiven for thinking that the car they eventually produce may be a little... well, lacking.

However, the company has released a teaser video of its new car. While it's supposed to give an impression of both the car and the resulting, no doubt epic, video (released 20 October) it shows us that the new car looks pretty awesome. We reckon it's something that Bruce Wayne would happily slide into (as long as its name meant 'bat' in another language).

In case you're wondering what Arrinera's product is called, we don't know just yet although there are rumours it will be called Veno. Which is nice.

Arrinera says the Veno will be powered by a 640bhp V8 (which has changed since the last time we wrote about it), so it should be suitably rapid.

We're looking forward to seeing both the finished product and the next video. Let's face it, it's far prettier than the McLaren MP4-12C although it has some way to go to best a Ferrari 458 in the looks department.

That said, it's also a car made in a shed. It may be truly terrible.
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